What is a flâneuse? 

The concept of a flâneur originated in 19th century France and was a popular subject amongst modern French art. A flâneur who would wander the streets of France with his iconic top hat and have intellectual conversations about anything from art and culture to politics. However, the identity was restricted to French men since women were expected to remain within the home. 

Fast forward to modern times and it’s time we expand that role to women. I’m a firm believer in strong women who shatter stereotypes and break gender norms. A flâneuse is a woman who is determined to break boundaries and well cultured. She has impeccable taste and loves to explore.

Who is nicole la flâneuse?

Nicole is a curious 23-year-old who has a passion for happiness, fulfillment, and knowledge. She grew up in Los Angeles but has spent the past two summers exploring the depths of New York City. Her book collection is kind of ridiculous but nevertheless continues to grow. You’ll probably find her at a Starbucks sipping iced coffee and tweeting her daily interests.

Connect: @nicolestockdale


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