During my junior year of college, I was browsing some fashion blogs when I discovered an article titled “DKNY PR Girl Unmasks Herself”. I had no idea who DKNY PR Girl was so I clicked on it. After watching this video, I was enthralled. I wanted to be DKNY PR Girl otherwise known as Aliza Licht, SVP of Global Communications at Donna Karan.


Aliza Licht was one of the main reasons I wanted to pursue a career in social media. Without a doubt, she turned the fashion and PR world on its head by giving fans an inside look at the inner workings of the iconic brand. No fashion brand even dared to take that risk. Yet now several brands have tried to copy the “PR Girl” character but have failed miserably. Just listen to her speech at TED x TimesSquare, she’s clearly intelligent, impeccably dressed might I add, and on top of her game. It’s difficult to emulate.

So I created a Twitter account and started following industry leaders that I admired. I fell in love with social media because I have the ability to communicate with people I would never get a chance to talk to otherwise. To have the opportunity to communicate with industry visionaries would be virtually impossible ten years ago. For me, Twitter is not something I use to communicate what I had for breakfast (although I do drink a lot of coffee); it’s a valuable communication resource.  A simple tweet can go a long way. So imagine the excitement I felt when the following conversation happened:


and then this:



I nearly fell over in my chair at Starbucks when I read that! I was ecstatic to say the least and beaming from ear to ear.  That exact moment is what makes social media so extraordinary.

So now that I’ve shared my digital story, I want to know what yours is! Whether you write your own blog post or comment below, let me know!  Happy Social Media Day everyone!

P.S. This post is also a thank you to Ms. Aliza Licht for being such an inspiration in my career. Aliza, if you read this I’m already halfway finished with Dale Carnegie’s book 🙂 Her story is fascinating and I highly recommend anyone research what she’s done for DKNY and the fashion industry.

– Nicole